Registration & Pre Gala Mingle in The Golden Hall

You will find your table and seating allocation in the Gala app. Come in good time.

The Golden Hall is a lavish 44 meter long banqueting hall upstairs in Stockholm City Hall, named after the golden wall mosaic designed by the artist Einar Forseth, after an idea by the City Hall architect Ragnar Ă–stberg. The hall is known for being the venue where the dance is held after the Nobel Banquet in the City Hall's Blue Hall.


Presentation & Round Table Talk

Presentation and Round Table Talk. We encourage in depth exchanges of experience at the table, where founders take up the challenge and with a founder moderator who steers the discussions.

You will find your table seating in the Gala app. The roundtable talks start at 6:45 PM. 

Doors to the City Hall will close at 6:30 PM. Please make sure that you are on time. 


Welcome to Founders Gala incl Founders Awards

During the Founders' Gala, we enjoy a 3-course dinner and are inspired by each other and from the participating founders on stage. 

The City Hall is famous for the grand ceremonial halls as well as its unique art and architecture. It is the venue of the Nobel Prize banquet held on the 10th of December every year. It is also where Founders Alliance was officially inaugurated 20 years ago.

Live broadcast starts at 7:30 PM.


Twenty Year Anniversary Celebration Party

Welcome to join Founders Alliance Twenty Year Anniversary Celebration Party with Gala dance and mingle in the Golden Hall.


Thank you for a wonderful Gala!

After Gala Party

Location to be decided.