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20 September 2023 11:30AM-02:45PM CESTGrand Hôtel, Hall of Mirrors (Spegelsalen)

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By Invitation Only.

As part of the 9th Founders World Summit we are excited to invite you to an extraordinary lunch seminar- Female Founders Summit - where we will gather female and male large-scale founders to create a dynamic society that uplifts all founders globally.

Together, we will build a society that celebrates and empowers founders of all genders. Our aim is to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and foster an ecosystem that values and embraces the contributions of every individual. 

Led by the visionary Patricia Olby Kimondo - Founder of People Productions and Double Up Impact, this summit will provide a stimulating space for dynamic ownership, connection, and accelerated company growth. The event will take place at the prestigious Hall of Mirrors, located in the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.

During this extraordinary gathering, you can expect:

  • Inspiring keynotes and panel discussions: Renowned female founders will share their personal stories, challenges faced, and lessons learned on their journey to success.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with fellow founders from diverse backgrounds, industries, and experiences. Expand your network of like-minded individuals who share your passion for entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Interactive round table exchange: Embrace the power of diversity as we collectively exchange towards creating an inclusive society for all founders. Share your unique perspectives, experiences, challenges and ideas that contribute to the rich tapestry of entrepreneurship, an environment of collaboration and mutual support. The goal with the discussions is to accelerate success of more large scale female founded and owned companies and a more dynamic ownership base in the future for the benefit of all.

Participants: Female and male large-scale founders engaged in creating a dynamic society for all founders globally.

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      Interlinked with the Female Founders Seminar is the 9th Founders World Summit, followed by the 22nd Founders Awards Gala at Grand Hôtel September 20, 2023. 

        If you are a female founder not yet a member in Founders Alliance and want to participate, please Apply for Participation at the Female Founders Summit.


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        Large scale international female founders and select founders enabling positive change in the society meet up for lunch and to be inspired by Panellists and Round Table Exchange at The Hall of Mirror at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.

        Global large scale female founders will be participating both physically and online. 

        Check-in time

        Check in physical and virtual starts at 11:30 am.


        Grand Hôtel, Stockholm

        Photo: Jean Lapin

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        Program (CET/UTC +02:00)

        11:30 AM

        Registration & Check-in (Physical & Virtual)

        The Hall of Mirrors (Spegelsalen), Grand Hôtel, Stockholm
        12:00 PM


        Niclas Carlsson is the Founder & CEO of Founders Alliance, and he will be moderating the Female Founders Summit together with Patricia Olby Kimondo.

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        Founder and CEO

        Welcoming Speech by Patricia Olby Kimondo (Physical & Virtual)

        Welcoming speech in the Hall of Mirrors by Patricia Olby Kimondo,  Founder of People Productions and Double Up Impact.

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        The Hall of Mirrors (Spegelsalen), Grand Hôtel, Stockholm
        12:10 PM

        Panel of leading International Female Founders (Physical & Virtual)

        The Hall of Mirrors (Spegelsalen), Grand Hôtel, Stockholm
        Co-founder and CEO of Dexatel
        Co-founder & deputy CEO Period Pack International
        Founder Bonliva
        Founder Avesina Investment Group
        12:30 PM

        Lunch & Round Table discussion with Panellists (Physical & Virtual)

        The Hall of Mirrors (Spegelsalen), Grand Hôtel, Stockholm
        01:45 PM

        Summation of Round Table Discussions (Physical & Virtual)

        The Hall of Mirrors (Spegelsalen), Grand Hôtel, Stockholm
        02:15 PM

        Networking, Photoshoots and Promotion Interviews (only physical)

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        The Hall of Mirrors (Spegelsalen), Grand Hôtel, Stockholm
        02:30 PM

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        If you are not yet a member and are registered for the Founders Awards Gala you have a paus here. Welcome back to the Gala Drink at 6.00 PM in the Hall of Mirrors.  

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        Patricia Olby Kimondo

        Patricia Olby Kimondo is the founder and CEO of People Productions Sweden, a portfolio of brands within talent sourcing and talent development. The common thread that runs through her companies and non-profit engagement is the focus on better connecting humans and opportunity.

        People Productions believes that talent comes in many shapes and sizes - and that potential is stronger than in the past. The brands are all strongly dedicated to developing innovative solutions for a changing world of life and work, for those looking for good jobs and for those looking for talent. 

        Among the brands are Pamoja, an AI-driven job digital platform for on demand work and Lärarförmedlarna, Sweden'sSwedens leading experts on talent in the Education sector. The companies employ more than 2000 people on a yearly basis. 

        Patricia has also co-authored the book The People Centered Economy by Silicon Valley based think tank Innovation for Jobs (now PCI, People Centered Internet).

        Patricia is also the founder of Double Up Impact, an initiative to encourage more investment in female led businesses. Last but not least Patricia has served on several organizational boards and currently serves on the board for UN Women Sweden. 

        During the years Patricia and her companies have received several awards and recognition for excellence such as DI Gasellföretag, Veckans Affärers Superföretag och Tillväxtföretag. 

        In 2018 People Productions was listed on Inc Magazine Europe 5000 fastest growing companies and in 2020 the company was among the finalists in SvD Affärsbragd.

        Patricia is a Founders Alliance Ambassador Member.

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        Welcoming Speech by Patricia Olby Kimondo (Physical & Virtual)

        The Hall of Mirrors (Spegelsalen), Grand Hôtel, Stockholm

        Welcoming speech in the Hall of Mirrors by Patricia Olby Kimondo,  Founder of People Productions and Double Up Impact.

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        Panel of leading International Female Founders (Physical & Virtual)

        The Hall of Mirrors (Spegelsalen), Grand Hôtel, Stockholm

        Lilia Yeghiazaryan
        Co-founder and CEO of Dexatel

        Dexatel build an omni channel messaging platform and drive the era of full personalization within cloud communications.

        Lilia Yeghiazaryan is an experienced leader, with over 15 years of experience in finance and management. Previously, she held senior positions and provided consulting at a number of financial institutions, including World Bank, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, National Mortgage Company and others. 

        Lilias journey in the startup world began years ago and since then, she has been curious and dedicated to helping businesses interact with their customers by innovating and personalizing the way they do so.

        Dexatel was founded in 2015, and are now one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies with over thousands of small businesses and world’s largest enterprises across every industry using Dexatel to communicate with their customers. 

        Lilia is a life-long learner, always on the lookout for new challenges and processes to improve and optimize to lead the growth at Dexatel.

        Recently, she was honored to be named among the most influential women in business in Europe, winning the Gold Globe of the Female Executive of the Year/Europe category in Business World Awards 2021 as well as the Stevie Women in Business 2021 in the Fastest Growing Company of the Year category. 

        Lilia was awarded by Founders Alliance in 2022 as Founder of the Year and she is a member of Founders Alliance Group Club 33.

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        Panel of leading International Female Founders (Physical & Virtual)

        The Hall of Mirrors (Spegelsalen), Grand Hôtel, Stockholm

        Shori Zand
        Founder Avesina Investment Group

        Avesina is the joint name for all healthcare related companies founded, owned and developed by Shori Zand. The company started as a midwife clinic with two staff and barely 1 MSEK in turnover. After 8 years Shori Zand had created a diversified healthcare group of >1,300 employees and >400 MSEK in turnover across four key areas; primary care, specialist care, elderly care and diagnostics.


        • Managing growth: Expanded a company from 1 to >1,300 employees in 8 years.• Culture building: Culture beats strategy and this was key element in entrepreneurial success.

        • Operational excellence: Highly complex and efficient healthcare delivery systems with excellent outcomes and quick decision paths.

        • Innovative service design: Avesina’s success was built on finding new innovative solutions to old healthcare problems. This coupled with building innovative teams created a great basis for growth.

        • Healthcare area: Expertise from wide areas within healthcare and deep understanding of success factors. This is also applicable into other complex service companies.

        • Public procurement/De-regulation based growth: Broad and deep network in political space on both the elected and non-elected official side.

        • Broad corporate network: After 14 years in various board capacities an extensive network of professionals has been amassed that can help companies thrive.

        • Academic network: In field of med-tech in both Sweden and abroad through engagement in Drexel University, UCLA, John Hopkins and International University in Antalya, Turkey.

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        Panel of leading International Female Founders (Physical & Virtual)

        The Hall of Mirrors (Spegelsalen), Grand Hôtel, Stockholm

        Lova Svensson
        Co-founder & deputy CEO Period Pack International

        Lova Svensson and Amanda Mattsson founded Period Pack Sweden 2019 and are the sole owners. Period Pack International is headquartered in Örebro, Sweden and is established in Scandinavia. 

        The company is selling dispensers made for menstrual products as a subscription service to workplaces, schools and municipalities with the goal to make sanitary protection in bathrooms as natural and accessible as toilet paper and soap. 

        The founders want to break the taboo related to this subject and make sure that no girls' school attendance or any woman's work effort depends on if they are on their period or not. The products are produced in Scandinavia to minimize emissions.

        Lova's driving force is to help women in their everyday lives. Both here in Sweden, and in Europe, but also in developing countries. Also, to inspire other women to have the courage to go their own way and never be dependent on anyone.

        To Lova, social sustainability is where all basic needs are met. The purpose of our work is to make every day safer for women by increasing the accessibility of sanitary products in workplaces and schools. Something that lies close to her heart is that no girl's attendance in school or woman's attendance at the workplace is dependent on their period.

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        Panel of leading International Female Founders (Physical & Virtual)

        The Hall of Mirrors (Spegelsalen), Grand Hôtel, Stockholm

        Maria Längquist
        Founder Bonliva

        Bonliva, formerly known as Doc-Connect, was founded in a small room in Stockholm in 2012 by Fredrik Olsmar and Maria Längquist. It began as a medical staffing company focusing on lung medicine to improve healthcare continuity in Västernorrland. Over the years, Bonliva expanded its services, grew its team, and established a strong presence in Sweden and Norway.

        Key Milestones:

        • Transitioned to providing resource doctors with a focus on continuity.
        • Expanded services to various medical areas and established medical teams.
        • Moved to larger offices and set internal quality standards.
        • Promoted health through initiatives like the Running Club.
        • Became one of Sweden's top healthcare staffing companies.
        • Achieved ISO certification and the highest credit rating.
        • Rebranded as Bonliva to unify its specialized areas.
        • Became a market leader in healthcare staffing and recruitment.
        • Aligned with Vision 2050 for a better life in healthcare and society.
        • Expanded into Norway and continued to grow its team and consultant network.

        In 2050, Bonliva envisions a more equitable healthcare system, where patient safety is first, healthcare professionals are celebrated as heroes, and a better work-life balance is achieved for all in the welfare sector. 

        Bonliva is committed to working towards this vision on a global basis.

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        Panel of leading International Female Founders (Physical & Virtual)

        The Hall of Mirrors (Spegelsalen), Grand Hôtel, Stockholm

        Founders Alliance

        Founders Alliance is a premium collaborative business forum for founders of large-scale corporations, owners of international growth companies and engaged in multiple social impact initiatives around the globe.

        Founders Alliance facilitates a platform for collaboration for founders (members) incl. Founders Groups, one-to-one introductions, closed online communities, international business trips and events (hybrid). 

        Its membership comprises over 300 high performing founders owning over 3000 companies in all parts of the world stretching across all industries and areas of expertise.

        The core of Founders Alliance is independent from state funding, financial actors, advisory firms and academic institutions.

        Our vision

        Equal opportunity to form, build and own free enterprises for all.


        Our vision is that everyone on Earth has an equal opportunity to form, build and own free enterprises based on strong convictions and by that contribute value to society.


        A vision where private ownership and large scale business creation is more evenly distributed among gender, age, nationality, ethnic and socio economic background.

        Narrow-minded evaluations by investors, authorities or customers are abolished, and so are obstacles of unnecessary administration and regulation. 

        In the coming 20 years, Founders Alliance will be the enabler of this vision by consisting of women and men from all free countries globally.

        Founders United

        Founders, united as collaborators or even friends, that help each other to spark entrepreneurial development and in achieving their respective visions to do greater things.

        Bringing a sense of belonging and a higher degree of happiness for all members.

        Founders World Summit

        The Female Founders Seminar is part of The annual Founders World Summit, is the annual culmination delivered for the 9th time September 19-20, 2023 interlinked with the 22nd Founders Awards Gala at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.

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