Young Founder of the Year 

Young Founder of the Year is awarded to young founders for the ability to develop products and services that employ people and contribute to the benefit of the customer.

We can well imagine that the Young Founder of the Year has the potential to build a successful company, be a good leader and develop into a role model for other young entrepreneurs. The purpose of the award is to encourage further success, acting as a catalyst to growth for the young founders. The award is part of the Founders Awards.

Founders Alliance's basic criteria for Young Founder of the Year 2022 is that the nominee:

  • is under 30 years of age at the time of nomination
  • has started and runs a Swedish limited company
  • the founder and any co-founders together are majority owners
  • has a turnover of at least SEK 500,000
  • has the potential to become a successful founder

The finalists will be presented here during summer 2022. Stay tuned!

Winners Young Founder of the Year 2021

Ida Norström - founder of Energy Effective Solutions and Anton Fast and Simon Geldner - founders of Ophena received the Growth Rings in Gold, and Petronella Gustafsson - founder of Progress Me and Sebastian Salomonsson - founder of SebSalo Energi received the Growth Rings in Silver for the Young Founder of the Year 2021 award.