19 September 11:30AM-02:30PM CESTThe Main Hall, Nalen

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As part of the 10th Founders World Summit we are excited to invite you to an extraordinary lunch seminar- Female Founders Summit - where we will gather female and male large-scale founders to create a dynamic society that uplifts all founders globally.

Together, we will build a society that celebrates and empowers founders of all genders. Our aim is to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and foster an ecosystem that values and embraces the contributions of every individual. 

Led by the visionary Patricia Olby Kimondo, Founder of People Productions and Double Up Impact, this summit will provide a stimulating space for dynamic ownership, connection, and accelerated company growth. 

Venue: The event will take place the 19th of September 11:30 am to 2:30 pm at the Main Hall located at Nalen in Stockholm.

During this extraordinary gathering, you can expect:

  • Inspiring keynotes and panel discussions: Renowned female founders will share their personal stories, challenges faced, and lessons learned on their journey to success.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with fellow founders from diverse backgrounds, industries, and experiences. Expand your network of like-minded individuals who share your passion for entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Interactive round table exchange: Embrace the power of diversity as we collectively exchange towards creating an inclusive society for all founders. Share your unique perspectives, experiences, challenges and ideas that contribute to the rich tapestry of entrepreneurship, an environment of collaboration and mutual support. 
  • The goal with the discussions is to accelerate success of more large scale female founded and owned companies and a more dynamic ownership base in the future for the benefit of all.
  • Participants: Female and male large-scale founders engaged in creating a dynamic society for all founders globally.


All you need to know


Large-scale international female founders, along with select founders driving positive societal change, will gather for a lunch meet up at The Main Hall at Nalen in Stockholm. Attendees will have the opportunity to be inspired by panelists and engage in a Round Table Exchange.

Global large scale female founders will be participating both physically and online. 

Check-in time

Check in physical and virtual starts at 11:30 am.


Nalen, Regeringsgatan 74, Stockholm

Photo: David Thunander

23rd Founders Awards Gala

After the Female Founders Summit, join us at the 23rd Founders Awards Gala! Secure your spot by registering here. Ticket 23rd Founders Awards Gala

VIP guests, don't miss the chance to enjoy a delightful 3-course dinner, exchange ideas, and join the afterparty at Nalen. Register now for an unforgettable night of celebration!

Our vision

Equal opportunity to form, build and own free enterprises for all. Read more here.


Our vision is to ensure that every individual on Earth has an equal opportunity to create, establish, and own companies based on strong convictions, thereby contributing value to society.


A vision where private ownership and large-scale business creation are distributed more evenly across gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Narrow-Minded Evaluations

We aim to eliminate narrow-minded evaluations by investors, authorities, or customers, along with unnecessary administrative obstacles and regulations. Over the next 20 years, Founders Alliance will serve as the enabler of this vision, comprising men and women from all free countries globally.

Founders United

Founders United consists of collaborators and friends who help each other to spark entrepreneurial development and achieving their respective visions. Bringing a sense of belonging and a higher degree of happiness for all members.

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Program (CET/UTC +02:00)

11:30 AM

Registration & Check-in (Physical & Virtual)

Nalen, Regeringsgatan 74, Stockholm
12:00 PM

Welcoming Speech by Patricia Olby Kimondo (Physical & Virtual)

Nalen, Regeringsgatan 74, Stockholm

Moderator Niclas Carlsson

Niclas Carlsson is the Founder & CEO of Founders Alliance, and he will be moderating the Female Founders Summit together with Patricia Olby Kimondo.

Read more about Female Founders Summit

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12:10 PM

Panel of leading International Female Founders (Physical & Virtual)

Speakers to be announced.

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Nalen, Regeringsgatan 74, Stockholm
12:30 PM

Lunch & Round Table discussion with Panellists (Physical & Virtual)

Nalen, Regeringsgatan 74, Stockholm
01:45 PM

Summation of Round Table Discussions (Physical & Virtual)

Nalen, Regeringsgatan 74, Stockholm
02:15 PM

Networking, Photoshoots and Promotion Interviews (only physical)

Nalen, Regeringsgatan 74, Stockholm
02:30 PM

Thank you!

Founders Alliance

Founders Alliance is a premium collaborative business forum for founders of large-scale corporations, owners of international growth companies and engaged in multiple social impact initiatives around the globe.

Founders Alliance facilitates a platform for collaboration for founders (members) incl. Founders Groups, one-to-one introductions, closed online communities, international business trips and events (hybrid). 

The Female Founders Seminar is part of the annual Founders World Summit, which will be held for the 10th time on September 18-19, 2024, interlinked with the 23rd Founders Awards Gala at Nalen in Stockholm.

    Its membership comprises over 300 high performing founders owning over 3000 companies in all parts of the world stretching across all industries and areas of expertise.

    The core of Founders Alliance is independent from state funding, financial actors, advisory firms and academic institutions.